Ice Cream Social has been honored with a 2014 Book Design Award by PubWest, a national association of small and mid-sized publishers, authors, and editors. Kudos to Irene Morris, who designed the cover; Valerie Brewster, who did the interior design; Edwards Brothers Malloy, the printer; and Dianne Platner of Berrett Koehler, who pulled it all together.

(click on the image to make it larger) 0814PubWestAwardThe idea for the cover came on “author day,” a Berrett Koehler tradition that invites authors to meet with each department so everyone becomes more familiar with the project.  Jeff Furman and I told Dianne and the other designers that the book is about the creative tension between two different philosophies of business — the mainstream one that puts profit and financial return above all else, and an alternative vision, the “soul of Ben & Jerry’s,” that believes advancing social change, optimizing for product quality, and making a profit are equally important.  The team mulled over what we said and came up with the brilliant image of tie-wearing cows.  We ought to get together more often!