Ice Cream Social has a cast of thousands. Here are some of the most important players in the story.

People are listed in alphabetical order, with their jobs at the company and their favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

Andrea Asch
manager of natural resources use since 1992 (From Russia with Buzz)

Liz Bankowski
board of directors, 1990–99, director of social mission, 1991–2001, Ben & Jerry’s Foundation board since 1994 (Cherry Garcia)

Bruce Bowman
chief operations officer, 1985–2000

Jane Bowman
human resources director since 2005 (Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch)

Merritt Chandler
board 1987–96 (Peace Pops)

Ben Cohen
cofounder, board 1977–2000, chair 1977–98, vice chair 1998–2000 (Cherry Garcia)

Yves Couette
CEO, board, 2001–4

Daryn Dodson
board since 2012 (Phish Food)

Tom D’Urso
treasurer, 1994–2000 (Pistachio Pistachio)

Jon Entine
investigative journalist (doesn’t eat Ben & Jerry’s)

Pierre Ferrari
board since 1997, chair, 2007–10 (Cherry Garcia)

Walt Freese
chief marketing officer, 2001–4, CEO, 2005–10, board 2005–10

Howard “Howie” Fuguet
legal counsel 1984–2000 and 2009–11 (Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz)

Jeff Furman
board since 1982, board chair since 2010,and board of Ben & Jerry’s Foundation since 1985 (Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt, for health reasons)

Richard Goldstein
head of Unilever North America until 2000 (Mint Chocolate Cookie)

Jerry Greenfield
cofounder, board 1990–2000, vice chair 1990–98, chair 1998–2000, Ben & Jerry’s Foundation board since 1985 (Coconut Almond Fudge Chip)

Sean Greenwood
scooper, truck driver, and public relations, 1988–2003, and director of public relations since 2005 (Cherry Garcia, “fresh off the line”)

Jennifer Henderson
board of directors since 1996, board chair 2000–2007 (New York Super Fudge Chunk)

Debra Heintz
materials manager, distribution manager, and director of retail operations since 1994 (Wavy Gravy)

Robert Holland
CEO, board, 1995–96

Helen Jones
director of brand development for the UK and Europe (1995–2009), board since 2010 (Phish Food)

Charles M. “Chuck” Lacy
general manager and president, 1988–94, board 1990–95 (Coffee Heath Bar Crunch)

Fred “Chico” Lager
general manager, president, and CEO, 1981–90; board, 1981–97 (Heath Bar Crunch)

John Le Boutillier
head of Unilever’s North American Ice Cream division, 2008–12, president of Unilever Canada since 2012 (Chocolate Fudge Brownie)

Rob Michalak
director of public relations, 1989–97, global director of social mission since 2005 (Vanilla Caramel Fudge)

Fred Miller
board 1992–2000, president and CEO Kaleel Jamieson Consulting (New York Super Fudge Chunk)

Anuradha Mittal
board since 2007 (Americone Dream)

Terry Mollner
board since 2000 (Chocolate Fudge Brownie)

Henry Morgan
board 1987–2000

Perry Odak
CEO, board, 1997–2000

Carol O’Neill
franchise site selection manager, senior contract administrator, since 1985 (New York Super Fudge Chunk)

Paul Polman
CEO of Unilever since 2009

Fran Rathke
chief financial officer, 1990–2000

Ronald Soiefer
chief counsel, Unilever USA until 2012, board ex-officio 2000–2012 (Soiefer’s Sweet Soiree—see chapter 12)

Jostein Solheim
CEO of Ben & Jerry’s and board since 2010 (Chunky Monkey)

Dave Stever
several jobs including chief marketing officer since 1987 (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

Naomi Tannen
Ben & Jerry’s Foundation board, 1985–94 (Liz Lemon Frozen Yogurt)

Kees van der Graaf
global ice cream strategy and other senior executive positions for Unilever until 2009, Ben & Jerry’s board since 2009 (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

Eric Walsh
head of Unilever’s North American Ice Cream division until 2008 (Americone Dream)

Lisa Wernhoff
designer and archivist since 1986 (Chocolate Cointreau Orange Fudge)

Judy Wicks
founder, White Dog Café, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; former board chair, Social Venture Network; cofounder and board member, Business Alliance for Living Local Economies (Coconut Almond Fudge Chip)