We’re excited to announce a new online course on how business leaders can join the struggle for social justice.  The instructor, Jane Talkington, was inspired by the lessons of the Ben & Jerry’s story, and her course is based on a chapter-by-chapter discussion of Ice Cream Social.  Anyone can take the course for just $9.99, and the material is especially well-suited for use as an independent study course for college credit.

To seek credit for the course, students should provide a list of questions (included with the purchase) to a professor who can identify and assign enough material to meet the criteria for a one to three-credit course.  A college credit typically requires a total of 15 hours of work, and just listening to the course takes about 6 hours. It’s easy to add additional assignments that focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), stock offerings, the sales agreement that preserved the social mission of Ben & Jerry’s, and what happens when corporations take controversial stands.  Buy it now before the price goes up!