flat,550x550,075,fIn this series, Brad answers frequently asked questions about Ice Cream Social.

Q: Why did Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield decline to be interviewed?

A:  While I am not certain — after all, they didn’t cooperate on the book — I did talk to several dozen people who have worked with Ben and Jerry closely over the last 30 years, and I did put the question to Jerry.  Everybody gave me the same answer: Ben and Jerry are still too upset about the sale of the company to Unilever. Neither of them supported the sale, they are not satisfied with the outcome, and they do not want to go over the whole thing again.

If you ask several dozen people the same question and they all give you the same answer, it’s probably true.  And the more I learned, the more sympathy I felt for Ben and Jerry, and I summed it up ina  post on Guardian Sustainable Business.  That is why I am encouraging everybody to sign a birthday card thanking Ben, who turns 63 on March 18, for all the great stuff he did and never got credit for.  You can sign it here.