Nancy'sFriends(c90)Brad’s neighbor Nancy Wells has a story about how Ben & Jerry’s sweetened the vacations she took with her Boston friends in the early 1990s: “We’d rent a cabin together for a long weekend and split the cost, because back then none of us had any money.  But there was one non-negotiable condition.  We had to call around first and find a place that had a full-sized refrigerator. The freezer had to be big enough to hold a two-and-a-half-gallon tub of ice cream.

“Back then you could stop by the Ben & Jerry’s factory and buy Fred’s Famous for a ridiculously low price. I think it might even have been $5 for one of those tubs.  They sold it that way because it was not up to their standards. It didn’t have enough chunks, or too many chunks, or something like that.  But it was still delicious. We would take a vote on which flavor to buy, and then we would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Back then we were young enough to gorge.”

Nancy’s photos show Pamela Dibona and Adam Gerberick impersonating Ben and Jerry while visiting Waterbury, and Susan Brager enjoying Fred’s Famous on the front porch of their cabin while Adam eats his on the porch. Fred’s Famous was named for Fred “Chico” Lager, the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s until 1991 and a board member until 1997.  By the way, Chico is a good writer, and he took notes, too.  His highly detailed and entertaining memoir, Ben & Jerry’s: The Inside Scoop, was published in 1994.

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